POINTEEZ are an ongoing series of lovingly designed high end quality STICKERS,
holding mindful, empowering, inspirational & uplifting invitations & affirmations
to serve us all as RE-MINDERS and CONSCIOUSNESS-ANCHORS in an increasingly challenging world.

Choose your POINTEEZ in 2 sizes:

the CLASSICS come in 53 mm Ø on a 60 x 60 mm square.
The Classics fit best onto your mobile phone, computer, car dashboard, bathroom mirror, bike, helmet …
The classic POINTEEZ steadily works on your subconscious mind and as a more subtle insurgent wherever placed out there in the world.

the BIGGIES come in 100 mm Ø on a 110 x 110 mm square.
Looking great on the rear of your car, on your motorbike, window, camper, surfboard, fridge door…
 or wherever you dare to place a bold statement and powerful re-minder for yourself and the world.

We took extra care to ensure our POINTEEZ are truly UV- and waterresistant, so they will last probably longer than your car…

Made with LOVE in Germany

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